Care Africa

Care Africa is a non-profit, non-sectarian charitable organisation established in Victoria Australia; to provide humanitarian and development assistance to the disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities for better opportunities and fulfilling lifes.


Statement Care Africa mission is to reach out to those who are poor and suffering; to empower those who are powerless and oppressed; and to work with the disadvantaged groups and the communities for better opportunities and fulfilling lives.

Our Objectives

  • to provide relief to people in poverty, hunger and malnutrition through provision of appropriate resources with respect and dignity;
  • to provide appropriate emergency and disaster relief to people who are afflicted by civil conflict, environmental or natural disaster;
  • to provide technical assistance to empower the young, unemployed, women, minority and disadvantaged people through the provision of sensitive and culturally appropriate vocational training and community programs that leads to informed knowledge, understanding and better life style; and
  • to promote and provide information on health education, mental health, drug abuse and youth homelessness.







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